Taking little kids to Disney is magical! Watching their eyes light up when they see Mickey Mouse is priceless but getting to that moment as stress free as possible takes a good plan. Disney World is huge and you will walk a ton, so having a quality stroller is really important if you are taking a baby or a little one. Having 4 littles, it’s one of the first things we plan for our trips. On different trips, we have brought our own stroller, used a Disney stroller and rented a stroller. As important as picking a good stroller is, I’d say it’s more important to find the right company to rent from. By far, our favorite experience has been renting a stroller from Kingdom Strollers. 

Kingdom Strollers makes the process so simple and they really take care of their customers. We easily booked our stroller before our trip in just a couple of minutes. When we arrived at our hotel, our awesome City Mini GT Double was ready and waiting for us. It was such a relief to not have to worry about measuring a stroller to make sure it fit in Disney’s guidelines and I had such piece of mind knowing they thoroughly clean each stroller every use.

We loved using the Mini GT Double during our trip. It was easy to push and easy to fold. The seats fully reclined so our kids were able to nap in it comfortably. It had plenty of storage underneath for a couple bags. Kingdom Strollers provides a parent console that holds drinks, a cooler bag and rain cover. The rain cover is a game changer. Let’s face it, it’s going to rain at Disney World. It’s Florida. With Kingdom Strollers’ rain cover, our kids stayed dry the whole trip. It fit perfectly on the stroller and the Velcro held it right in place and it never blew off even with the high winds we had in hurricane season.

The best part of renting from Kingdom Strollers is their customer service. Life with little kids means messes and accidents happen. In the middle of our most recent trip, one of our kids got heat exhaustion and ended up getting sick in the stroller. Trying to clean a stroller in a hotel room was the last thing I wanted to try to do on vacation. We emailed them as soon as we got back to the hotel room and fell asleep stressing about how this was going to affect our next day. Happily, we woke up to a message from Kingdom Strollers that they were bringing us a fresh and clean replacement stroller right to our hotel. We didn’t have to change any of our plans and were off and running for our next day in no time. The man who delivered the stroller was so nice and reassuring that it was no problem and they were happy to help (which is probably not how I would respond to picking up a gross stroller). I was so thankful that we rented from Kingdom Strollers because they made a messy situation a piece of cake.

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