Walt Disney World is a great place for little kids and they do a great job at making it easy for families to bring their little ones. But let’s face it, we parents want to have fun too. One of my absolute favorite things about visiting one of the parks is using rider swap so that we grown ups get a chance to do all the awesome rides our little ones can’t yet join us on. Disney is so generous and they let you swap places with the other adult who was waiting with your little one while you rode but they let you have 2 extra people go with the other adult. We loved this because both parents were able to enjoy the ride with our older child and he loved getting to ride twice.

Here’s how it works.

  • Your whole group should arrive at the ride.
  • The first adult tells the cast member at the start of the line that they want to ride swap and are given a rider swap pass.
  • The second adult finds something to do nearby while they wait, maybe grab a snack, explore a shop or play on a play area with you little one.
  • Later the other adult and 2 others people, (3 total) can return and ride the ride without waiting in line again.

Bonus tip: Combine rider swap with your Fast Pass + Selections and you can maximize how much you get to ride in a day.

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