Live Action Aladdin Review

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Since Disney announced that they were making a live action Aladdin movie, I’ve been excited and just a little bit nervous. I grew up on Aladdin and I was a little worried that this new version wouldn’t do the original justice or it would pale in comparison and end up disappointing me. Honestly how could anyone but the great Robin Williams play the Genie. As information about the production started to roll out my excitement grew as I was impressed with every picture and trailer I saw.

I took the kids to see the new live action Aladdin tonight and we all loved it! I found myself with a huge smile on my face multiple times during the show. We walked out of the theatre with the girls dancing and singing which is always a good sign. I wanted to share our thoughts and I promise no spoilers.

They really brought the story we all know to life in a fresh way. There was plenty of familiar moments from the animated classic that were fun for fans to see reimagined, but there was also a good mix of a new interpretation. The new song for Jasmine is beautiful and it really helped me connect to her story. I’ve always like Jasmine but I loved her even more after seeing how she was portrayed in this movie. We really enjoyed the new character Dalia. It was nice to see her interaction with Jasmine.

The cast was great. I really loved Will Smith’s performance as the Genie. He made the role his own and brought something new and different to the Genie. He was funny and full of personality but in his own way. Naomi Scott brought Jasmine a new energy and made her so relatable. I love that she conveyed real life reactions to being the princess and processing her role in this world. Mena Massoud was a great Aladdin too 

The movie is visually beautiful. It’s so colorful. The costuming is incredible. My girls want all of Jasmine’s new dresses and jewelry. It was cool to see how they made Agrabah and the cave of wonders. The CGI was well done from the scenery to the characters. Before we watched it, I was skeptical of how Abu, Genie, Raja and Magic Carpet would look and if they could really convey the emotion that their animated counterparts could, but I think they were expressive and helped make the story.
Aladdin was a great family movie for us. The kids give it two thumbs up. Even our two year old was able to watch it and enjoy it. There was a little something for everyone; action, drama, comedy, music, and love story all in one. I’m sure this will be a movie we will watch over and over again.

Have you seen it yet? What are your thoughts?

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