Traveling to Disney World with a family of 5, 3 of which are under 4 years old, takes a lot of stuff. Packing takes some planning usually quite a bit of shopping. Truth be told, we always have a Disney World amazon wish list. You can see our lists here.

Here are some of our must haves…

Misting Fans: Florida can get hot! Especially in the middle of a sunny day. Misting fans have been life savers for us to cool down our kids. We also cool down the stroller seats before we put the kids back in after it’s been sitting in the sun.

Cooling Towels: I don’t know how these little wonders work but they are another life saver for beating the heat. Our kids holding on to them.

PuffsThese are gold when it comes to keeping our baby happy. We use these at meals and anytime she needed a break.

BibstersSince we take a ton of pictures at Disney World we want to make sure we keep food off our little one’s clothes especially princess gowns, so disposable bibs are a huge win. Easy to use and I don’t have to carry around dirty bibs the rest of the day.

Clear Shower CurtainThis might sound like a crazy item, but nothing works better for keeping the stroller dry when rain pops up.

Lillebaby Baby Carrier: We love our baby carrier. We have worn our kids during shows, walking through the parks, even on rides. It can be a lifesaver to keep your hands open. Our Lillebaby is great because you can wear the baby in so many different positions including facing out. We have the complete airflow which is so nice to have in the Florida heat.

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