Tucked back in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom you can find the Be Our Guest restaurant. Step inside the Beast’s castle and you will feel like you have stepped into the classic fairytale of Beauty and the Beast. Iconic scenes from the movie are in all three dining rooms that represent the Ballroom, the West Wing and the Library. Be Our Guest is both a quick service and table service restaurant depending on the time of day.

During Breakfast and Lunch it is arguably the best quick service option at Walt Disney World. The French cuisine is all wonderful and this is the home of the famous “grey stuff” from the song Be Our Guest.

Be Our Guest does is accept reservations and it is highly recommended that you book one. They also allow you to order your food up to 30 days in advance and then you just have to sit down and wait for your food to magically appear.

This is one of our family’s favorite places to eat. Our preschoolers are thoroughly entertained by everything there is to see and they love pointing out the details in the decorations like Lumiere sitting on a table or the snow falling outside the windows in the ballroom. The service is so quick that there is no time to be impatient. Make sure you take advantage of all the great photo ops while you are there. My favorite is the stain glass of Belle and the Beast.

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